Complete Meal | 24 Serving Containers | 3 Flavor Options
Complete Meal | 24 Serving Containers | 3 Flavor Options $57.00
  Complete Meals are a delicious all-natural meal replacement packed with 100% premium ion-exchange whey protein, chia superfood, brown rice, essential vitamins, and minerals all in a great tasting 163 calories, per serving! The meals offer performance nutrition with the highest bioavailable ion-exchange whey protein isolate, allowing for maximum absorption to fuel your body. It will leave you feeling full without bloat or a bad taste in your mouth. Why is Ion-exchange whey protein the best? By using the Ion-exchange method, we are able to isolate the whey from milk using ion exchange resins, charge affinity, and mild pH adjustments. This is important because by doing this we remove impurities and undesired materials producing the purest protein. Complete meals offer all-natural ingredients free of artificial sweeteners, dyes, color phosphates, or fillers and are great for making smoothies, baking healthy delicious recipes or for a nutritious shake. It comes in a ready to mix powder for the man, woman, business professional, professional athlete, anyone who is looking for a meal replacement shake that is low in calories, high in protein and fiber and easy to make.
UPGRADE Brain Formula 4-Flavor Option
UPGRADE Brain Formula 4-Flavor Option $64.00
UPGRADEⓇ  the Ultimate Brain Formula is formulated with all-natural, quality ingredients that work with your body to produce lasting, effective results with every use. Other energy products down-regulate the adrenal function, creating adrenal fatigue which results in low energy, weight gain, exhaustion, insomnia, dulled senses, and sluggishness. How To Use DAILY, as soon as you wake up. When Taken Daily You Can Expect Unwavering Focus Incredible Clarity & Ability to Stay On Task A Feeling of Calm & Connectedness Increased Creativity Amplified Memory Non-Jitter
High Frequency Organic Super Food | Freeman Formula Supplements
Super Food - Organic High-Frequency Super Food $49.00
ORGANIC HIGH FREQUENCY SUPER FOOD. "EDIBLE GOLD". Freeman Formula High Frequency Super Food Formula unleashes the ultimate power of green. Harnessing the most nutrient-dense organic, raw plant food sourced ingredients on the planet. Creating “Edible Gold”. All foods have an energy yield measured in the form of megahertz/frequency. Our Organic High Frequency Super Food Formula provides advanced multifunctional perfectly designed nutrition, that will help you fulfill your body’s nutritional needs. Provides a balance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, fiber, micronutrients, heart healthy essential fats, over 96 verifiable cell ready nutrients, to amplify vibrant health, increased vitality, and energy. Raw Organic Moringa Oleifera leaves. "Tree of Life" Is the most nutrient-dense plant food source on the planet.  Moringa is used in many countries to combat malnutrition and treat and prevent many medical conditions. It has 92 nutrients with 46 antioxidants. Yielding 9x Protein of Yogurt, 15x Potassium of Bananas, 25x Iron of Spinach, 17x Calcium of Milk. All Natural, organic remedy for filling nutritional imbalances to help create optimal health.  Raw Organic Marine Phytoplankton "Basis of All Things Living: Creates 90% of all earth's oxygen. Most nutrient-dense plant from the ocean. Improves immune function, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial functions. Improved heart function and circulation. Marine Phytoplankton is loaded with life promoting nutrients including: Omega-3 essential fatty acids (both EPA and DHA), Protein, Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Carotenoids, Phytonutrients. Raw Organic Milled Chia "Warrior Food": Chia Seeds are a nutrient-dense superfood with high energy potential. Mixed with water Chia seeds holds 9-12x its weight in water, improving hydration (if you are 1% dehydrated you loose 7% of your strength), 3x antioxidants than in blueberries, 8x the ALA found in salmon, high in fiber with an amazing high energy boost of power. High Frequency- Naturally up your energy and output.    Did you know that everything has a frequency measured in the form of megahertz (MHz)? Einstein stated that everything is energy and has a frequency. Every cell has a vibrational frequency.  That frequency is measured in megahertz. A healthy cell vibrates at approximately 40 to 50 MHz a vibrant sell vibrates at 70 MHz.  A sick, diseased or cancerous cell vibrates at 20 MHz or lower. The foods we eat have a frequency and megahertz value. Each organ in our body requires approximately 70 MHz to function at full capacity. Your live green foods have the highest energy yield or megahertz value. A large batch of raw fresh broccoli might have 60-70 MHz.  A cooked piece of meat may only have 0 to 7 MHz.  Energy is neither made or destroyed, it is only transferred so when you eat fresh healthy raw green vegetables you have a very high energy transfer without having a large calorie intake. Moringa Oliefera, Chia Seeds, and Marine Phytoplankton found in Freeman Formula High Frequency Super Food are known to have the highest energy yield of any plant food source on the planet giving you approximately 150 to 200 MHz of transferable energy. This will allow your cells to have the nutrients they need and increase their vibrational energy, helping you to become and feel vibrant and healthy.  Freeman Formula's organic, raw, fresh tasting High Frequency Super Food is also very alkaline. Increased alkalinity helps to neutralize damaging acids and eliminate toxins from the body and creates cellular unity.  For optimal health and increased vibrant energy try Freeman Formulas "Edible Gold" (High Frequency Superfood) We guarantee you will feel and taste the difference!
Synergize - The Ultimate Wellness Formula | Freeman Formula Supplements
Synergize - Immune System Booster $35.00
Synergize is the ultimate immune system booster, designed with a combination of the most absorbable vitamins, minerals, powerful antioxidants, green phytonutrients, and herbs for hormonal health and immune system strength. It is formulated to help fight respiratory infections, improve immune response, and create an overall environment for a healthy immune system. Synergize contains Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, D, E, K, Thiamine, Niacin, Vitamin B-12, Calcium, Iodine (from Kelp), Magnesium, Chromium. (Multi-Vitamin) It does not contain sugar, salt, yeast, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives. Synergize is a Vegetarian/Vegan Product. When you take synergize, you are not only preparing your body to fight off the germs during the cold and flu season, you're optimizing it for elevated performance. Designed for both men and women to help cellular unity for optimal health and wellbeing. 
Fat Burn Stack | Freeman Formula Supplements
FAT Burn Stack - Combined Fat Burning Optimization $99.00
  Expect results with Freeman Formula's Advanced Fat Burning Stack. NviroBurn- Creates Optimal Fat Burning Internal Environment Insynerate-  All Day Fat Burner Alkalize- Systematic Alkalization to allow for more rapid fatty acid release.  The Freeman Formula Fat Burning Stack combines three incredible proprietary fat burning formulas that ensure increased metabolic rate along with optional fat burning while detoxifying and pushing out excess toxins released from the fat cells. The Freeman Formula Fat Burning Stack is non-stimulant and works with the body to optimally increase its ability to utilize fat as an energy source. In order to break down fat within the body, four things must occur: Thermogenesis (increased body temperature) Lipolysis (disassembling of the fat cell) Oxidation (breaking down and burning the fat cell for energy), Systematic Alkalization (To detoxify, neutralize acids and allow acidic fatty acids to be released into the bloodstream) This powerful combination addresses all four areas of fat burning and ensures healthy and safe fat loss, working with your body rather than against it. If you're looking to increase your fat-burning potential along with your metabolic rate then Freeman Formula Fat Burning Stack is for you. With Freeman Formula, you can expect results! Watch this short video as Jeramy Freeman shares his insights.
Nutritional Guide and Cookbook E-book | Freeman Formula Supplements
Nutritional Guide and Cookbook E-book $39.99
These 50 metabolism boosting recipes are a great guide to healthy cooking with tips and nutrition advice for maximum fat loss success. They are low fat, dairy and soy free as well as all natural. Not only have we included cooking techniques, we have added shopping tips, yes and no’s lists, handy kitchen cooking gadgets, all about vegetables, time savers, health and wellness tips and proper portion size for best results. Indulge with our healthy, savory recipes that include super foods, power packed carbohydrates, along with sexy body sculpting proteins. Blast fat, boost metabolism, increase energy and live lean and healthy with the Freeman Formula. Simple ingredients for daily use, but elegant and delicious enough to share with guests.
Mixed MASTER Case UPGRADE $512.00
96 bottles of UPGRADE =(12 UPGRADE bottles/per box)(2 boxes of Wild Cherry, 2 boxes of Green Apple, 2 boxes of  Raspberry Lemonade, 2 boxes of Grape) Upgrade is the ULTIMATE BRAIN FORMULA  (nootropic) UPGRADE, is expertly curated with premium ingredients that are sourced from the best suppliers located all over the globe.   Our Bioengineer masterly blends each batch of UPGRADE with high frequency, positive vibes and lots of love right here in the USA. UPGRADE wakes up your brain, it gets it firing on all cylinders.  When your brain is awake your whole body is on so that you can be your very best version of you. It’s not about energy, it is all about Focus, Mindfulness, Productivity and Anti Stress.   UPGRADE HELPS TO: Improve Focus Boost Mood Enhancement Combat an Aging Brain Keep You Calm, (Anti-stress) Long-Term Benefits (Brain Protection) Feed your Brain, Brain Fuel Non-stimulant- not packed with caffeine or cheap ingredients that wire you up No Crash Upgrade Your Adrenals, a product that works with your body rather than against it  Diminish Brain Fog Productivity Booster Are you looking for better results in your life? Take UPGRADE 1 a day- every day, first thing in the morning when your feet hit the floor so that you can focus on the things that matter and live your best life now.

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