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Jeramy Freeman is a media personality who educates and motivates in every interview or segment he does. 

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The Extraordinary Life Principles

How to build the life of your dreams

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Annihilate limiting beliefs to catapult you to your next level


The six tools required for leadership, growth and success

Magic Wand

The building blocks for extraordinary success


Increase energy and maximise your potential

Nutrition Seminars

How to create optimal health and the body of your dreams

Wellness Weekend Academy Workshop

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National Consultant For

Personal Training Professionals

Wellness Practitioners, Chiropractors, Physicians, and Nutritionists

Fortune 500 Weight Loss Professionals

Health Clubs 

Massage Therapists and Educators

Aerobic Instructors

Workout & Nutritional Guidance For

California Angels

NHL Hockey League Athletes

Military Recruits

UFC Ultimate fighters

MMA Athletes

NPC Athletes

IFBB Athletes

Syracuse Football Players

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This presentation was enjoyable and insightful. Jeremey radiated confidence, obviously has the credentials, has demonstrated success in his programs and was engaging with his questions. 

This was a wonderful, uplifting experience. Jeremy was amazing and His stories were powerful and moving. For me, this experience has enhanced my life greatly! I loved getting to hear about his personal beliefs and where they have taken him. Overall, it was an amazing experience. Thank you!

Mike Susco

First and for most I thought Jeremy was both inspirational and motivational. He had in depth knowledge and experience on the subject matter, which he made relevant to all.

Jeremy has reinvigorated me! He has retooled me. Becoming more focused and true to myself. 

David Ruszala

I just wanted to take the time to let you know that the Jeramy Freeman presentation at the manager’s leadership meeting last week was extremely interesting, informative and well worth the time.  He is a proven leader in his field of health and wellness and showed everyone in that room that healthy living, commitment, dedication and discipline will provide us with much more than just a well sculpted body. I felt motivated after his talk to start changing the way I live my life and to focus on the things I can change. 

Larry MacArthur