Nutrition Plan- Results Producing, Individualized
Nutrition Plan- Results Producing, Individualized $497.00
Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Feel Great! This program is designed to help you lose weight, get in great shape, increase productivity, performance and focus. Our nutrition programs are the most revolutionary in the fitness industry. This is the revolutionary plan used in our number one program PROJECT 42 where people average a loss of 42 pounds of fat in 42 days (these results are paired with intense training). This plan is a 6-week plan. We are doubling that to a 12-week monitored plan that will be accessible for life to you.  This plan is tailored to you.  All we need is your current weight,  body fat percentage and blood type.  From this, we can calculate your metabolic muscle, your food selection, and set up a plan that feeds the muscle, not the fat. Your individualized plan will speed up your metabolic rate, so your body utilizes and burns your proteins, carbs, and fats more efficiently while ramping up energy.  The education you receive with this plan is priceless. The educational videos will help you better understand your body, what you are doing, why you are doing it and how what you are doing works in your body.  You can apply this information with your new-found knowledge to how you choose to eat the rest of your life. You will receive: 1. An Individualized Nutrition Plan 2. A Cardio Plan 3. Supplement Recommendations to create optimal health and wellness 4. Nutrition Video Course 5. Our Accountability Online Journal 6. Access to your own coach 7. Freeman Formula Mix book (recipe book) 8. Lifestyle Cookbook with healthy nutritious recipes anyone can enjoy BONUS: Keto Class Video Workshop  When you log onto your personal members' page on Freeman Formula you will be able to set your goals, access your plan and any updates to your plan as you make progress.  We can also work directly with your coach no matter where you are in the world to make sure we are all working together for the attainment of your goals. As a bonus, we will also include for free our Keto Class video Workshop for overall improved overall health($247.00 value). Our individualized nutrition plans are based on the biology of how the body works and have literally changed to lives of thousands of people.  We are confident that this proven program will work for you too. Let's get started helping you move towards your best version of you.
Choices | Freeman Formula Supplements
Choices $19.99
It is my mission to help train your body and mind to achieve more. I believe everyone has the ability to be extraordinary and successful, WHEN they live with purpose, have strong character, make wise choices, have positive intension, genuine effort, applied knowledge, unshakable execution, and the ability to embrace all challenges!
Jeramy Freeman IFBB, Coach, wellness expert and achievement specialist.  Jeramy
1 Hour Consultation with Jeramy Freeman $200.00
Are you looking to take your results in health, wellness or financial well being to the next level?  Schedule your 1 Hour session with Jeramy Freeman, the expert RESULTS driver.   Included: 1 Hour, recorded, 1 on 1 video consultation with Jeramy Freeman; An Action plan for your health, wellness or financial goals. *Separate email will be sent with scheduling and video conference information after purchase.
Project 42 Goal Attaiment Program
Project 42 Goal Attaiment Program from $1,497.00
Your online accelerated goal attainment program.   Tell us your goal in any area, and we will give you a customized system for accelerated attainment!    We are so confident of your success that we guarantee it! We have worked with thousands of people, creating customized programs that deliver dramatic results.   We do this in weight loss and optimal health, business growth, financial growth. Relationship Building, Become an expert in your field, Leadership training. Career advancement,  Sports performance and more Our programs will speed up the timeline from where you are to where you want to be.  We teach our proven systems for creating your EXTRAORDINARY LIFE, NOW. Project 42 includes: Purpose Building- Creating clarity and one focus for 42 days. Purpose Driven Behavior- Establishing your "Vital Work" and structured system with specific deadlines. Commitment and Responsibility- Establishing your commitment level and where your level of responsibility must be for attainment within a designated timeline. Relentless Action- In order to accelerate your results action is required.  Don't worry we will give you the step by step of what you will do daily that will fast track your results.  We will show you how to improve every day and compound your results. Indomitable Spirit- implementing a never give up attitude. You will learn to problem solve and overcome obstacles.  You will embrace the challenges that would normally, pull you off track or stop you in your tracks and see all obstacles as learning experiences and areas for improvement.  No matter what the challenge we will overcome it together and keep you moving forward.  Maintaining Momentum- You will implement a set of personalized key habits, behaviors and rituals that pertain to your specific growth plan.  Once these become automatic to you it will accelerate your results. Empowerment and Transformation- As you see your results and a new level of achievement you will feel empowered and grow personally and professionally.  This growth is transformative and that is what we are all about... Transformation,  Taking you from where you are to where you want to be. We take a holistic mind, body, spirit approach.     The School of Thought: We create Thought Leaders. Learn the skill-set to become the thought leader of your life. Our coaching program will help you implement the latest and most effective tools, and strategies in personal growth, neuroscience, positive psychology, and high-performance biology. Walk away with a mindset for success.    Thought is our greatest asset.  We will teach you how to harness the power of thought to help you achieve your goals. Unleashed: Live at your ultimate best ignite your purpose! Harness your power! Create your future! Learn about self-mastery and manifesting your life, work, and relationships to high levels of success and fulfilment, while operating with integrity and vision. Unleash your potential and live an Extraordinary Life, Now! Coaching: We have been coaching millions to live a more extraordinary life over the last 3 decades. As media consultants for CNY Central, NBC 3 WSTM, CBS 5 WTVH and Wednesday Wellness on Krock, Galaxy Media, Iheart radio and through our inspirational Unleashed seminars and educational online courses. Jeramy and Kim Freeman have created the #1 transformation program in the country, Project 42. We have helped to educate, inspire and achieve results for ALL our clients all over the world. Education: Learn the biology of Optimum Health. Our average weight loss client loses 42 pounds in 42 days in our cutting edge program. Learn how to create maximum wellness with high-frequency foods and supplements during this journey. Our nutrition plans work with your body rather than against it. Implement the Project 42 pillars to help you to achieve your goals faster than you thought possible. Where will you be in 42 days?

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