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Results Producing Individualized Nutrition Plan

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Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Feel Great! This program is designed to help you lose weight, get in great shape, increase productivity, performance and focus. Our nutrition programs are the most revolutionary in the fitness industry. This is the revolutionary plan used in our number one program PROJECT 42 where people average a loss of 42 pounds of fat in 42 days ( these results are paired with intense training). this plan is normally a 6 week plan. We are doubling that to a 12 week monitored plan that will be accessible for life to increase the value.  This plan is tailored to you. All we need is your current weight and body fat percentage and blood type will help.  From this we can calculate your metabolic muscle, your food selection, and set up a plan that feeds the muscle not the fat. Your individualized plan will speed up your metabolic rate, so your body utilizes and burns your proteins, carbs, and fats more efficiently while ramping up energy.  The education you receive with this plan is priceless. The educational videos will help you better understand your body, what you are doing, why you are doing it and how what your doing works in your body.  You can apply this information with your new found knowledge to how you choose to eat the rest of your life. You will not only receive a individualized nutrition plan but also cardio and supplement recommendations to create optimal health and wellness. When you Log onto your personal members page on Freeman Formula you will be able to set your goals, access your plan and any updates to your plan as you make progress.  We can also work directly with your trainer, no matter where you are in the world to make sure we are all working together for the attainment of your goals. As a bonus we will also include for free our cleansing video and template that will help to, detox, reset your body and improve nutrient absorption and toxin elimination for overall improved overall health($197.00 value). Our individualized nutrition plans are based on the biology of how the body works and have literally changed to lives of thousands of people.  We are confident that this proven program will work for you too. Lets get started helping you move towards your best version of you.