The Ultimate Brain Formula

UPGRADEⓇ is is the Ultimate Brain Supplement designed to unlock your true potential whilst improving your brain function & overall health.


The liquid shots are designed to be taken once a day.


✅ Expertly Curated All-Natural Ingredients
✅ Trusted by 1,000s of Entrepreneurs & Athletes
✅ Unlock True Mental Clarity
✅ Improve Your Brain Power
✅ Fight Fatigue & Reduce Stress
✅ No Caffeine or Stimulants
✅ Available in 4 Tasty Flavors

Say Goodbye to Caffeine Jitters

UPGRADEwas specifically formulated with Zero Caffeine, Stimulants, or Nasty Chemicals.


The Blend of All-Natural Ingredients gives you jitter-free clean energy that lasts all day long.


You'll never look at coffee the same away again..

Improve your Brain Power

UPGRADEⓇ works by strengthening your mental connections, increasing the speed at which signals are sent within your brain.


Fortified with natural stress fighters, UPGRADEⓇ helps you tackle problems with tenacity & fortitude.


Available in 4 Tasty Flavors

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True Mental Clarity 🔍

Say goodbye to writers block!

UPGRADEⓇ keeps the blood in the front part of your brain which is responsible for free flowing thought & creativity.

Amplify your Memory 🧠

Banish the brain fog.

UPGRADEⓇ helps improve & develop your neural pathways so they are able to communicate quicker with each other.

Fight Fatigue⚡️

Peak performance for longer.

All-natural, non-adrenal fatigue inhibitors give you energy all day.


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