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Jeramy Freeman, Ifbb Professional, Jeremy Freeman

Jeramy Freeman CPT. IFBB Professional Athlete,with a BS in Sports Science and Entrepreneurship, CEO Freeman Formula, Owner Reality Investments, President of Well Rounded Health and Fitness

  In addition to his extensive knowledge base, schooling and certifications, its Jeramy’s real world, hands on experience that has produced results in thousands of his clients that has set a new standard for the personal development world. He has combined health and wellness into creating programs and plans that are truly revolutionary. 

Jeramy has provided wellness and nutritional guidance for NHL Hockey Athletes, UFC Ultimate Fighters, Division 1 Athletes, Recruits entering the Military, Corporate Executives, California Angels and more. 

As an IFBB professional athlete, Jeramy has been highlighted, promoted and published in every major health and fitness, and muscle magazine in the world for over ten years. He has been featured in a number of international publications, television, radio, and other media outlets such as Flex, Muscle Mag International, Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, and Muscular Development. From 2000 to 2001 Jeramy was the most photographed bodybuilder in the world. He was also featured as the Cover model for “El Mundo De Muscle,” the number one muscle and fitness magazine in France and Switzerland. 

Jeramy has won multiple body building championships as well as other titles. He holds the NFL’s Combine record for Bench Press, 2001 IFBB North American Championships, Overall Winner, 1997 New York State Strong Man Competition, Overall Winner, 1996 NPC Collegiate National Championships, Overall Winner, 1992 NPC Niagara Falls Amateur Grand Prix, Heavyweight Winner, 1992 NPC Mr. New York State, Heavyweight Winner, 1990 Upstate New York Bench Press Competition, Overall Winner, 1989 Teenage Natural Mr. America, Overall Winner 

You may have seen Jeramy on NBC, CBS or CW, local CNY Central’s weekly “Fitness Friday” segment as their fitness expert. He was also Pixar’s inspiration for Mr. Incredible and the team captain of the Game Show Networks’ Extreme Professional Dodgeball. Jeramy is also featured as the wellness expert for Wednesday Wellness for Galaxy communications on TK99, cbs K-Rock, Sunny 102 and ESPN Radio, iheart radio, 95X. 

Jeramy has traveled all over the world speaking and teaching about personal development and creating purpose. He was featured by ESPN’s Cold Pizza and Howard Stern’s Radio and TV show, Jeramy offers health & fitness guidance for television and radio programing. International Muscle Magazine featured Jeramy’s Well Rounded Health & Fitness as one of the most successful personal transformation companies in America. 

Jeramy owned Well Rounded Health and Fitness located in upstate New York. Well Rounded Health and Fitness was know as one of America's most successful personal transformational companies. Jeramy has been coaching clients from ages 12 to 82.  Speaking and inspiring thousands as a media consultant and on-air personality.  Covering topics from personal development, business success to health and wellness.  Jeramy’s extensive scientific background allows him to brake down the body from the cellular level to an audiences understanding.

Jeramy and his company are also known as the “trainer’s trainer,” providing health and fitness, mindset and goal achievement, as well as implementing profit producing programs to some of the biggest names in the world including; Gold’s Gym, Bally’s Total Fitness, Muscle Tech, Worldwide Sports Nutrition, WWE Magazine, NOW Sports, 24 Hour Fitness, Fortune 500 Weight Loss Professionals, Direct Marketing Representatives, Coaches, Chiropractors, Doctors, Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, Wellness Practitioners, Physical Therapists and many more. 

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Kim Freeman, Get Gorgeous creator,

Kim Freeman, VP WRHF, Freeman Formula, WR Wellness

I have been involved in some aspect of Health, Beauty and Fitness for over half of my life. Modeling at age 12 to running a corporate team of trainers for a Fortune 500 company, to co-owning the number one personal training company in the world. 

My expertise is in organizational development and managing teams, creating SOPs, assessing existing systems in place and creating new systems, educating and working with the teams for results that offer daily revenue. Assessment and problem solving from an operating perspective within the organization and from the consumers point of view, these skill sets have helped all of our businesses grow into seven figure successes.

I taught franchise owners how to run their business from the ground up, implementing a selling structure for each and every employee. Creating and executing sales training for every position while doubling my Fortune 500 company’s revenue within a 1 year period.

I believe in working hard as a team towards a specific goal, taking every opportunity to grow and learn while challenging yourself and everyone around you.