Ways to Fight Fatigue

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Fatigue...all of us have felt it before but what really is it and why do we feel it? Fatigue is when you feel an extreme rush of mental or physical tiredness. Many times these both happen together and you and your entire body feel drained of any of the energy that it had. After a long day of work or even a long day of using your brains a wave of tired hits you and you just cannot shake it.

There are three types of fatigue when it comes to the tired feeling that happens to us, these are; transient, cumulative, and circadian fatigue. Transient fatigue is fatigue that is brought on by an extreme restriction in your sleep or for being awake for an extended amount of time spanning from 1 to 2 days. Cumulative fatigue is fatigue that occurs by repeated mild sleep restrictions or an extended amount of time within a series of days being awake. Lastly, there is circadian fatigue which is reduced performance during hours of the night which typically is between 2:00 a.m. and 5:59 a.m. Common symptoms of fatigue are:

-Body feels heavy and you find it difficult to move especially your limbs
-Flu-like exhaustion
-Feel like your energy has just completely drained away
-Muscle weakness
-Slowed responses and reflexes

Many times people can also experience mental fatigue where no matter what they are doing they just can't think straight and cannot seem to concentrate on any task that they are working on. When going through this, you may find that your emotions seem to be heightened and you become more irritable, down, or sad.
This feeling can happen at any time of the day, and yes it can happen even when you first wake up. When this happens when you first wake up, you will not feel refreshed from your sleep, and be sluggish until your body gets out of that fatigued state that is in. This also can occur when you are busy doing something and have full concentration and then it hits.

This can have such a major impact on your life at times, it can force you to stop what you are doing and rest or go back to sleep. This can have many negative effects on your relationships in your life and can also impact your health whether you are realizing it or not. If your fatigue lasts longer than a week or two then it is time to make some changes and even in some cases to seek medical advice on how to get out of this state of constant tiredness. Ways to get rid of fatigue:

-Eat more healthy foods
-Get moving
-Focus on your sleeping
-Reduce stress
-Cut out caffeine
-Less alcohol

In order to relax our minds at the end of the day, there are many practices that we can try that can improve our sleep patterns and make us feel more refreshed in the morning. One of them is meditating before you go to sleep. This will help to calm and clear your mind and body of all the day’s stress and put you at ease. This is proven to aid in sleep and restlessness and to help you feel more awake and ready to take on your day the following morning. Yoga is another one that is very similar to the effects of meditation. It helps you become more in touch with your body and figuring out what it needs in order to function properly throughout your day.

Also making sure to get a well-balanced diet is another way to make sure your body is running on high levels of energy. When we put all of those processed greasy foods into our bodies, it slows us down, making us feel sluggish, and overall fatigued. Feed your body so it can use the right nutrients in order to keep you going all day long.

When we are fatigued, we are not ourselves and at times it can seem to be impossible to get out of this feeling no matter how hard we try. That is where Upgrade can make a huge impact on beating this fatigue spell that you are in. Upgrade will help you feel more awake and focused, increases your concentration, improves your performance, and overall helps to suppress the feelings of fatigue. One little bottle a day can do wonders for you if you have been in that “down” state of mind and we suggest taking it first thing in the morning and you will notice the effects within 30 minutes of taking it.

Try some of these steps that we have listed out for you if this has been something that you have been experiencing lately. These will aid in getting you out of that low-frequency feeling and put you at a higher frequency in order to go after your day and accomplish anything that is thrown your way, no matter what the task!