Team Freemans Best Holiday Time Saver Ideas

Team Freemans Best Holiday Time Saver Ideas

Is it just us or does time seem to go by even quicker than normal during the holiday season? We can’t believe that Christmas is already next week and we still have so much to cross off on our to-do lists. With that being said all of us here have teamed up and put together some of our best time-saver hacks for the holidays! 

Amazon will be your best friend for those last-minute gifts that you forgot to pick up! Sign up for Amazon Prime and get free 2-day shipping. That will be a life-saver when you are on a strict time schedule and can’t make it out to the store. One of the EASIEST ways to get your shopping done in the most efficient way


Grocery shopping services…get your groceries delivered right to you without having to leave the house. Go on your phone, order what you need, and it’s at your door. This saves up so much time and you don’t even need to get out of your pajamas ;)


Planner/family planner…holidays can be a hectic time, especially around the house. Creating a family planner or chart to keep everything in line will be a huge time saver this holiday season and even after the holidays are over. Also having your own personal planner along with it is a must!

Auto-shipment…set up anything that you can on auto-ship at your favorite online stores. Choose the things that you know you will be using over and over again and in the long run, save time (and at some places even money).

Do-less…instead of focusing on multiple tasks at hand this holiday season, focus on one thing at a time to ensure that it is getting done and at a reasonable time.

Create a Vital List…prioritize your list by time deadlines, importance, size of the take at hand. Last-minute running around is not a fun thing to do, so get it done!

Wrapping services are great for the people that do not have time to sit and wrap all of the gifts that they have purchased for the holidays. Dropping off your unwrapped gifts and coming back to pick them up perfectly wrapped is the best!

Search for quick and healthy recipes you can make for on-the-go and are great for the family. The last thing many people want to do is think about what they are going to make for dinner while scrambling around trying to finish up last-minute shopping. Our Cookbook online provides you with many delicious recipes that are quick and even more important...healthy!