How and What is the Energy that Drives Us

How and What is the Energy that Drives Us

Einstein stated that everything is energy and has a frequency. Every thought has a frequency. Every cell in our body has a vibrational frequency and frequency is measured in Megahertz. The foods that we eat all have a frequency and frequency value. Every organ in our body requires a certain frequency to function at full capacity. I have a list here of a number of different frequencies. I'm just going to run through them. The human body, the genius brain frequency is between 80 and 82 megahertz. I just measured mine this morning. It was around 90. (For Real!)

The brain frequency range is between 72 and actually 90.

Normal brain function is about 72 megahertz. The human body has between 62 and 70 megahertz. I don't want to go through all of these, but all of these things have been measured and interestingly we have started to use frequency in medicine and it has been stated that in the future the frequency will be our medicine.

We use food for our medicine, too. Certain foods have a higher frequency. People that are using food as medicine are using higher frequency foods meaning they're eating foods that have a higher energy field. Foods that are raw, organic, fresh grown, that have a higher nutrient value have a higher megahertz value. Every organ in our body requires a certain amount of frequency or energy to be able to function at full capacity. Everything is energy. We want to be able to start thinking in terms of frequency, energy, and of course vibration. Everything has a vibration. Everything that you look at, it doesn't matter what it is, everything has a vibration. Ice has a lower vibrational frequency because it's solid but water is a little bit higher. Then of course as it's heated and turned to steam, it's an even higher frequency.

At the steam level, we do not see it. Our thoughts of course also have a frequency and we cannot see it. A thought has been measured and we're going to show you a scale here that shows you the frequency and different energy that is output from specific thoughts. Before we get into that, what I want to talk about is the energy and frequency that pervades the entire universe that we're all connected to. So there is a power that animates, penetrates, and motivates the entire cosmos. That literally is energy frequency that makes the grass grow and that makes the planets stay in orbit.

It's within our subconscious that helps our heart actually beat, digestion actually occurs, and all the other things that we don't have to think about. There are millions of things just like this operating throughout this entire universe from this universal power, this greater power. For over 8,000 years, all the great thinkers agree that there is a universal power that animates, motivates, and penetrates the entire cosmos. Now, let's just think about this for a second.

Of course, a lot of us are going to think, oh boy, he's going to talk about religion. No, I'm not. I am just offering you a different way to look at things. Again, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. So what is this power? What is this universal power that's everywhere? Now, if you were to ask a scientist, of course, they are going to say that it's energy, it's frequency, its vibration, and what is energy? If you define it, energy is everything and everywhere. It cannot be made or destroyed. It's a cause and effect of itself. It's at all places at all times. There's no place that it's not.

Then if you were to ask a theologian or somebody in religion what is this power and what do you call it, they would say that it's God's spirit. It's a universe or source. Maybe Allah. The great "I am." There are a thousand names, and it does not matter what you call it, whether you're a scientist or you're religious or you're in a specific religion. I can call water, water. I can call it ice. I can call it steam, I can call it aqua. I can call it a number of different names, but it does not matter what I call it. It is what it is. It does not matter the name. When I lived up north, my power bill was called Niagara Mohawk and then they changed the name to National Grid. Now that I live in Florida, we have Duke Energy.

It doesn't matter what I call it, it is power and that's what I'm paying for. The bottom line is this universal power is everywhere and there's no place that it's not okay. It does not matter what you call it. And how do you define God? God just is. He always has been and always will be. He's omnipresent, he's everywhere at all times and there's no place that he's not. So again, it's literally the same definition. Whether you're the scientist and you're calling it energy, or if you are religious, you're calling it God, they're one and the same. But what happens is science, wants to sometimes reject God. And of course, religion wants to reject science when they're all part of the same system and they all work together.

Energy is what we're calling it in science and in religion, we refer to it as God, universe, Spirit, etc. It is everywhere. There is no place that it's not. It is again the same power. Now, here's why I'm talking about this. To be able to get the results we want, we must understand our relationship to this power that controls the universe and flows through us. So again, if it's everywhere and there's no place that it's not, that means that it's in every single cell of our body.

That is powerful. Stop and think about it for a second. If this power is in every single cell of your body and that is what animates, penetrates, and motivates the entire cosmos and it's in you and you're a part of it, that is powerful. So in order to get the results that we want, we must understand our relationship to this power that controls the universe and flows through us. Understanding it will help us to be able to get a better result. If we do not understand it, it can hurt us and it most likely will hurt us. Let's think about this. You know, water, it can quench our thirst or if we don't understand it, we can drown. Electricity can heat our homes. But again, if you don't understand it, you could become electrocuted and it could kill us. Fire, it can warm us or if you don't understand it, it can burn you. And again, if we don't understand our connection to this power, it will most likely hurt us or destroy us and that is part of the problem that most people have. They do not understand their connection to this power. What is that connection?

That connection is thought.

Yes, it is that simple. It is thought. And so I'm going to put up on the screen here an image. This image is the picture of a thought frequency scale and on this thought frequency scale, you're going to see that it starts from a higher frequency measured in Megahertz of joy, love, freedom, and gratitude. These offer a positive 10 frequency. The scale works its way all the way down to a negative 10 low frequency of powerlessness, fear, feeling stuck, grief, self-loathing, shame, depression. So what I want to jump into here is our thoughts and how our thoughts affect every single cell in our body and how it will direct our outcome. Our thoughts, if we don't use them correctly, will absolutely hurt us. So how do we work with this connection to this overall power? Our connection to that power is thought. Now our thoughts are powerful.

Let's just think about it. The things that you see in your physical surroundings like your computer, your phone, your chair, your car, your house, whatever it is, it doesn't matter. Whatever it is was first at some time a thought that was formed into an idea, put down on paper and got written down, made into a blueprint or a goal or a plan, and then created into physical form. So it goes from thought, which we don't see, we're going to call thoughts, spirit. We don't see it, so it's not visible to our eye, that spirit, and then what we're going to do is we use the thought in our mind. The way that we use thought in our mind will dictate what happens in our body, the vibrational frequency that we have, and that what we're putting out.