Happy Spring

This year spring brings hope, renewal and faith for many.  After the lows of 2020 we are ALL ready for some highs.  This spring has been about keeping our energy as high as possible.  Clearing out our space and recreating our healthy rituals and habits that created who we are. 

We have been educating our girls about nutrition, portion sizes,  sugars and protein and how to stay healthy.  Florida has had schools open face to face since September.  Our girls have learned how to take synergize and are strengthened with our high frequency superfood and complete meal. 

NO illness here!! I wish the same for you and your family. 

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Part of keeping healthy physically as well as mentally is what you put into your powerplant.  Our body is a power-plant of energy, what are you feeding it?    

What is your mental diet? News, Cnn, Fox, vaccine updates? Corona deaths? Are you having reactionary days, bouncing from notification, to email, to dms?

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Or are you planning your days?  Scripting your outcomes, meditating and raising your megaherz to combat the rest of the outside world? Are you eating nutritious foods that fuel your powerplant? Greens, healthy bioavailable proteins and clean starches? 

 I have included one of Jeramy's favorite recipes for you here:

Spicy Deviled Eggs: 

  Deviled healthy eggs, healthy family, healthy lifestyle, freeman family, family recipes,

I hope you take this time to create healthy spring rituals for you and your family. 

Take your spring cleaning to a new level, raise your vibration, protect your home and your body from any negative influence at all costs.