Creating Epic Summer Moments

The Fourth of July is a wonderful time to think about how fortunate we are. We take for granted so many basic things, life, love, and the pursuit of happiness which are all vital components of one's existence. 

Summer is a unique time of year, full with opportunities for new experiences, enjoyment, and memories. We used to look forward to catching lightning bugs and making new friends at summer camp when we were kids. We look forward to campfires, hanging out with pals at all hours of the day and night during our adolescent years.

Summer fun, create moments for epic fun

We retain the joy and memories of our childhood summers as we get older, but we must labor, hustle, and grind to keep our livelihood afloat. How do you keep motivated, focused, and on track throughout the summer months?  This is an excellent time to hone our creativity and productivity so that we can fully appreciate the wonders of summer.

Here are some of our ideas for making the most of every summer minute. It is necessary for our mental wellbeing.

  1. Set your alarm clock for one hour earlier. Remember that the morning should be yours alone. Work out, journal, speak your gratitudes and affirmations aloud, and sweat every day.
  2. For a great and healthier cup of java in the morning, combine the Carmel Caffe Complete Meal with coffee and a splash of coconut milk.healthy nutrition, complete meal, meal replacement, coffee add in,
  3. Make a list of your MVPs (Most Vital Priorities) that you must complete every day, and then complete them, Upgrade your daily to do, take one UPGRADE a day to keep you performing at your mental best.
  4. Become proactive by attempting to eliminate some of the time-consuming tasks you must complete. Look for ways to make these duties easier. Sign up for auto shipments from Amazon and Freeman Formula for your monthly needs, or use grocery delivery services like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and HelloFresh.
  5. For a nutritious fresh lunch smoothie, combine basil and spinach with a pinch of cilantro and plenty of ice in our Peach Mango Complete Meal.
  6. Look for methods to create amazing moments for yourself as well as your children. Add candlelight to your night ritual, or listen to healing frequency music on YouTube while taking a bath.
  7. Make an outdoor refuge where you can spend those additional hours with your family.
  8. Being present is essential. Be present when relaxing and spending time with your loved ones.
  9. With your family (kids enjoy this), make a summer bucket list of all the great locations you want to visit, things you want to do, and goals you want to attain.  Place it in the kitchen and check it off as you finish all of the enjoyable duties.
  10. Experiment with fruits, veggies, and protein-rich meals to see what works best for you. Berry salads are a favorite of ours. Make a veggie charcuterie board for every gathering, and serve fish or chicken with lime and cilantro, or whatever summer flavors you adore. Infuse your palate with the flavors of summer.
  11. veggie charcuterie board
  12. Combine our High Frequency Superfood with water and a few drops of peach tea, to make a nutritious peach, pomegranate tea.

  High Frequency Superfood

I hope you celebrate this summer and create a lot of new memories to treasure for years to come.

P.S. Take pictures of everything and apply a sepia effect to them. Then sign up for Chatbooks or something similar so you can flip through the pages of your epic summer, when you are home on your next snow day!!😉