Clearly Define A Life You Want

The first secret to getting a dream life of what you want is knowing what you want.
Over the years I have sat down with thousands of people to help them move in a positive direction. The question I always ask is “what do you want?”  or “what is your goal?” 
Most of my clients are very vague. 
The majority of people have come to me because they want to be in better shape or lose weight, but to give any specifics is usually hard to come by.

When I dig to get a clearer answer and ask the question,  "Why do you want this?" 
The response is often because they want to feel a certain way:
more energy
more confident. 
It is imperative to establish what our client clearly wants in order to develop a results-producing plan.  My experience shows that most of us don’t have a clear picture of what we truly want and what it will do for us if we get it.

Generally speaking, most people do want to be better or have better things. 
Many of my clients can list many THINGS they want like:
more money
better relationships
better job
weight loss
better health
However to clearly express WHY they want those is not always as easy to answer.
A better question would be, “What experience am I looking for?”
If I had more money, the right car, a bigger house, kids, smaller waistline etc.
"What would my life look like and what would I be experiencing if I had these things?”
What positive experience or experiences would you associate with having more money, a better relationship, traveling the world, etc?
We all have individual perceptions and different associations to what creates our emotions.

You might associate more money with a sense of FREEDOM,
a better relationship with more LOVE,
travel with adventure and JOY.
What makes you truly happy is different for each of us, so what you truly want in order to have a better more fulfilling life is individual and unique to you.
We all are driven by emotion, so know what experience you associate with your emotions like;
Take the time to self-assess. 
The beginning of the year seems to be the time we use to start fresh and plan for new.  Take this time to truly self assess, and brainstorm and plan for new ways, to create these experiences. 
Self-awareness sometimes referred to as self-knowledge or introspection is about understanding your own needs, desires, failings, habits, and everything else that makes you tick. The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting life changes that suit your needs. 
While creating this pause and reflection time, create an environment that helps you to feel more creative and able to brainstorm.  Clear the clutter and put on some essentials oils, take your favorite Upgrade to clear the clutter in your brain, engage your focus and get to work. 

Ask yourself the question “What experience am I looking for and what do I want to feel?”
This can help you more clearly define what you actually WANT. 
To live a more extraordinary life, you must first know clearly what you want and what you want to experience in your life…
then take incremental steps toward it daily!


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