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Freeman Formula - Life Style Complete Meal- Chocolate
Freeman Formula - Life Style Complete Meal- Chocolate Ingredients

Life Style Complete Meal - Chocolate (4 pack) - Meal Replacement

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Whey protein isolate is easily digested and provides essential amino acids which are the building blocks of your entire cellular structure. It contains 163 calories with 13 grams of gluten free Organic Brown Rice carbohydrates to support glycogen needed for brain function and energy. Half a gram of sugar. Chia superfood to boost energy and hydration Life Style Complete Meal(TM) also provides many of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs every day to stay healthy and on your game. It combines the benefits of these ultra quality nutritional powerhouses in a smooth, mouthwatering shake that's quick to prepare (just add water and shake) travel with and easy to clean up after. It is so clean and pure it could be consumed by an infant. Complete Meal is a state of the art meal replacement with a breakthrough in flavor technology. 4 Pack