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Well Rounded Health & FitnessWell Rounded Health & Fitness Well Rounded Health & Fitness

Well Rounded Health and Fitness is one of New York State’s most successful personal training and nutrition companies. Founded by Jeramy and Kim Freeman, they are known for dramatic personal transformations that last. The company’s nutrition plans are the most advanced in the industry.

The company is also known as the “trainer’s trainer,” providing health and fitness consulting to some of the biggest names in the world including; Gold’s Gym, Bally’s Total Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Aspen Fitness, Aerobic Instructors, Fortune 500 Weight Loss Professionals, Nikken Representatives, Wellness Practitioners, Physical Therapists and more.

Well Rounded has also provided fitness and nutritional guidance for NHL Hockey Athletes, UFC Ultimate Fighters, Division 1 Athletes, Recruits entering the Military, Corporate Executives, and California Angels.

Co-Owner Jeramy Freeman is the authority on health, fitness, nutrition and improving yourself mentally and physically. As a professional athlete Jeramy has been highlighted, promoted and published in every major health and fitness, and muscle magazine in the world for the last ten years. He has also been featured in a number of international publications, television, radio, and other media outlets such as, Flex, Muscle Mag International, Muscle and Fitness, Ironman, and Muscular Development.

Co-Owner Kim Freeman was an endorsed athlete with the number one supplement company in the world, and a former national director of training for a Fortune 500 Company. She has been working her entire life in the health, fitness and beauty industry. Kim has built her career on offering people new ways to get in shape, increase their personal power, streamline their life, chisel their body, and create the mindset of a warrior. Her approach has gained media attention and has been featured and highlighted in all major national international magazines from Vogue to Oxygen.

Well Rounded Health & Fitness has an extensive team of expert fitness trainers, programs and products to train the mind and body to achieve more.

Many clients come with weight to lose, and are tired of not achieving their goals. Others are already conditioned and fit, but want to increase muscle tone and definition.

Well Rounded has trained clients from ages 12 to 82, and offer workout training options to fit virtually every fitness level.

Well Rounded has traveled all over the world teaching about health and fitness and has been published in every International Fitness and Muscle magazine in the world. Featured by ESPN’s Cold Pizza and Howard Stern’s Radio and TV show, Well Rounded offers health & fitness guidance for television and radio programing.

International Muscle Magazine featured Well Rounded as the most successful personal training company in New York.

Well Rounded offers a wide variety of high quality workouts and exercise systems. Our Personal Training programs offer 1 Trainer to up to 6 clients of like goals. We created a cohesive environment that will challenge you and teach you while helping you become your best.

Our programs will help you achieve a strong, streamlined body. Call today for an appointment: 315-885-1100


Well Rounded Health & Fitness Well Rounded Health & Fitness