Steve Berlinski

Growing up always working and playing sports, I was always trying to increase my fitness level.

When I went to college things started to slow down a little.

I went to Alfred State where I graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Technology.

Though I played rugby in while attending Alfred I took some major steps backward with my fitness.

A couple years after graduating I decided it was time to do something about that.
I decided to get back in shape.

About a year after I started working out again I came to Well Rounded Health and Fitness and participated in a couple programs and personal training.
Through there I decided to attend a W.I.T.S. certification program at Onondaga Community College.

I obtained my W.I.T.S certification and worked my way to becoming a part time trainer at Well Rounded Health and Fitness.
I still work full time as a Manufacturing Engineer, by enjoy helping other achieve their goals.