Project 42 Success Tips


So you’ve signed up for your first ever Project 42.

Are you wondering a bit about what you are in for? As an alumni 42’er I can tell you that you just signed up for what has the potential to be the most life changing program you’ve ever tried in regard to fitness and diet. Seems like a big statement doesn’t it? But if you ask past Project 42 participants they will tell you that very thing and more. They will tell you that the program goes one step further by offering a changing attitude that will permeate all areas of your life in a positive way, not just fitness and diet.

But as I stated above, it only has the potential for these life changes. The success or failure of this program and its’ lasting success will ultimately depend on you. You signed up so you want this change and you want to be successful. I spoke to Rich Jacobs, head trainer at Well Rounded Health & Fitness, about his thoughts on what makes a participant succeed in the program.



These are his suggestions:

  • FOLLOW THE PROGRAM – The program was designed by Jeramy Freeman to facilitate huge changes in a short period of time in a healthy and responsible way. Jeramy came with all the credentials to create a successful program like Project 42. He was a personal trainer, and a successful competitive body builder with a wealth of knowledge in anatomy, fitness, nutrition and supplements. The comprehensive nature of the program has proven over and over, that when followed exactly as laid out guarantees success. Often alumni don’t have the success they are looking for when they do the program because they start manipulating their own diets, not journaling their diet, missing workouts, skipping Jeramy’s daily message and seminars that reinforce the program. Follow the plan! It’s just like a recipe. When you start leaving out ingredients or skipping steps, the final product is not what you envisioned. Whether you are trying to make big changes or small you will have a successful Project 42 if you follow the recipe.


  • KNOW YOUR PURPOSE – Project 42 came about as the result of Jeramy’s own personal experience when he was required to be ready for an event in a short period of time. He stunned everyone with the amount of change he made to his body in a short time. When you watch the mindset video in which Jeramy talks about how he did it, the biggest take away is that he knew his purpose. He had a goal, he created a visual in his mind of how he wanted to look and he pursued it single mindedly. Jeramy was acutely aware of the power of the mind to make goals a reality and he incorporated that into Project 42. You will be required to know your purpose and goals. Your plan will be tailored to meet those goals. If a picture of how you want to look helps, find one. Many people do that. Watch the Project 42 daily messages, go to the seminars and talk to your assigned trainer. All these components are there to help you succeed. You just need to define your purpose!


  • COMMIT FULLY – Some Project 42 participants don’t succeed at the program. Perhaps they drop out or as sometimes happens their results are lackluster while someone else in their class has every result they were looking to achieve. The difference between these two people is the level of their commitment. I know this seems a little like the above- follow the plan- but that’s really a component of committing fully. Committing involves action and thoughts. You have to see every part of the program in your mind as necessary to achieving your goal. If you tell yourself that the daily message or the seminars are not necessary you haven’t fully committed and it will show itself in your results. There are workouts that you may feel uncomfortable in because you will be pushing your body in ways you may never have but you have to trust the program and approach all workouts with a positive attitude. Each piece of Project 42 is a way for you to achieve your goals. Avoiding parts of it or approaching it with a negative mind set is rejecting the philosophy of the program. If you reject the parts of the program, then you haven’t committed, your purpose isn’t clear and you most likely won’t follow the plan fully and your results will suffer. I asked some alumni what made them successful in some Project 42’s and not others. They overwhelmingly told me it was attitude. If they fully commit then they adhere to all the parts and they succeed in meeting or exceeding their goals. As soon as they feel negativity they start to fall off.


Everything you will learn in your first Project 42 will assist you in maintaining a healthy and fit body. You can use the above tenets over and over when you feel you need to make some additional changes but more than that it gives you the basics to live a happier life too. These basic tenets can be applied to your job, your home life, your relationships, or any endeavor you wish to undertake. Doing Project 42 can also help you see the value of stepping out of your comfort zone to try and facilitate change in your life. Follow the plan, know your purpose, commit fully and you have created the recipe for your own success.

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